Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day - Emphasis on Happy.

New Business

I updated the color scheme.  I think it's more Jenna.  Less "Welcoming a Baby Boy", more summer and happiness.  She was even more of a creature of summer than I am.

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On to the Actual Post...

This will be a quick post.  I have lots of stuff to do today and my parents are coming into town.

It's my birthday this Saturday.  I'll be turning 25.

I think one of the worst things about losing my sister so young is that there will come a day years from now where I will have lived longer without her than I have with her.  I'll be 48.  I'll only be about halfway done with my life.  There will still be such a long way to go...

Please don't misunderstand.  I have not only have a passion, but a HUNGER for life.  I know I must make my life twice as amazing for both of us now and I will never truly be without her as I do it.  It's just... sad sometimes.  And that's okay.  I'll ramble more about that when I write about Depression in my Stages of Grief posts.

We already made it through one holiday - Mother's Day was really fun.  We had a really wonderful dinner with my roommates, went to Medieval Times, saw Dark Shadows (which totally sucked), and then had drinks with my friends.  Medieval Times was awesome because it reminded my mom of...


My mom saw this horse show and thought it would be cool to take my sister and her friends to see dancing horses for her 13th birthday!

What she thought it would be like:


What it was actually like...
Fancy Trotting
More trotting (but fancy!)

All to music!

My mom was humiliated.  My sister was humiliated.  Years later, it was hilarious.  I mean... I had been to a horse dancing show in Spain that year and I thought it was great!  There were flamenco dancers and TONS of spectacle.  I thought it was cool.  Then again, I was a weird kid.  And even if my impression of a dancing horse show was more epic than how they do it in the states (it's actually a thing over there in Spain), it probably still wasn't the best idea for a preteen birthday.  But it made for a fantastic story and hilarious ammunition for future banter.

During Medieval Times, there was a whole section with lots of fancy trotting and bowing.  My mom started laughing and reminded me of the epic fail.  It was great.  It gave us exactly what we needed on a day like today: A proper distraction combined with something to make us feel connected in a positive way.  I'm hoping this weekend can be similar.

I don't know what I would do without my friends.  They are absolutely the best medicine for days when we feel the most hollow.  They are so warm and wonderful.  My parents plan on adopting them.  I think that will also be a topic for a future post.  *Writes it down on her list*

We're postponing Father's Day until my dad's knee heals up (he just had surgery) so we can go paintballing.  Yes paintballing.  I'm fuckin terrified.  It'll be great.

This weekend will be filled with friends, grilled meat, the beach, and laser tag.

I'll go more in depth on the events when the weekend is over (I'd really like to start posting more often).  My cookout on the beach is in less than three hours and I have to get dressed.  For now I will leave you with Jenna and my facebook wall posts on each other's birthdays over the years.  We didn't always remember to write on each other's wall  - Or rather I didn't since I didn't use facebook to it's full potential until a couple years after it was launched.  Jenna being in high school, however, was all over that shit - but they are amusing.  They're also the type of thing I want to go into this weekend with: Something that makes me smile.

Happy birthday whore.
Me - 2011

Happy birthdayyy. Have fun at your house party, I hope you get wasted.
Jenna - 2011

Have a happy happy birthday! Woohoo
Jenna - 2010 - I gave her so much crap for such a weak and pleasant birthday greeting later. She promptly made up for it in person...

Happy Day-You-Invaded-My-Life-Without-Permission.
♥ Me! 
Me - 2009

Happy birthday skank face
I'll be seeing you in a few hours so I don't need to make this too extravagant.
Jenna – 2009

oh my god you suck
your card TOTALLY tricked me and now I feel like an idiot hahah
thank you for the book, it was be very helpful actually and also thanks for the goodies inside the card! :)

 oh and I like how you wrote fuck on the card and then scribbled it out hah, retard
Jenna to Me - 2008 - Apparently I did not write on her wall for her birthday this year, but I sent her a birthday card that would not open. I tricked her.
I'm sitting about 3 feet away from you right now
 now get me a fake ID so we can go bar hopping
! yay!
Jenna - 2008

Happy birthday 3 days late whore bag :)
I can't get in trouble for doing this 3 days late either cus I live with you..
Jenna - 2007

Jenna at my 21st Birthday - I had to work the next day so she very generously took most of my shots.  Haha Just kidding!  Underage drinking is bad.


  1. She has nice boobs to cop a feel with. Your birthday will forever remind me of your 21st and *not* feeding her your shots and copping feels. - Mer

  2. All must be reminded of Jenna's totally awesome surprise birthday party for her 12th birthday to offset my FAIL of her 13th. That memory did connect us to Jenna on Mother's Day, and that made it very special. ~ Love, Mom