Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Post: Sarah K and MaryClaire

I'm hoping that I'll soon have enough stories from friends of Jenna to make these types of posts a weekly thing.  PLEASE send me your stories about Jenna.  Even little things or inside jokes you have.  I would love for this blog to turn into a collaboration.

This was one of the first stories I got:)

Sarah's Story aka "Quakers on a Summer Night"

Sarah and Jenna
Some context:  Sarah, MaryClaire, and Lauren (who will be mentioned in the second story) knew Jenna from grade school.  MaryClaire actually grew up on our street BEFORE we moved into what will be referred to as our "Pebble Beach" house.  The house we lived in when this story takes place was indeed out in the middle of nowhere.  It was outside the city and right behind this large public property.  It was a very large house (we have since downgraded since the economy demanded it - But with our recent loss, our need to build a new house turned out to be a blessing in disguise).  Since it was so large, it was very creepy to be alone in.  Especially at night o_O  It should also be noted that our parents had a giant master bathroom with an equally giant bathtub in it.

"After you had lived in your old (yet new, not Pebble Beach house) we seemed to like to embrace the creepiness of it being out in the middle of "nowhere" (compared to my house on San Juan trail and MaryClaire's in Wexford). So one night we were watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre for what was probably the thousandth time. 
However, this time it was summer and the windows, etc. were open and it was heat lightning. for some reason this weather phenomenon happened to line up with our interesting selves deciding for the first time in our lives to "play Quakers" i.e. turning off all the lights and electronics (mainly computer since we were at the height of our AIM addiction). 
This led to us minorly freaking out (probably mostly me since Jenna wasn't known to be a pussy- unless it was a situation dealing with spiders, but other than that she was always the daring one). Well this was actually quite creepy i'm not gonna lie (your parents were out to a movie or something, generally not worried about what shenanigans we were up to on timber lane since Dave probably had the place on lockdown and lets be honest as private school girls i mean come on.... we never really did anything THAT bad). So.... to proceed in our scared ways we decided the safest thing to do was grab the large knives on display in your kitchen and take cover in Lynne and Dave's whirlpool. About 10 minutes later we were starting to feel better and retreated back to the basement and eat copious amonts of candy to help us feel better. The end. (Sidenote: not sure why we ever decided to play quakers at age 13, but lets be honest Jenna and I bonded on our weirdness factor and MC was generally down for anything)"

This is hilarious because Jenna told me ANOTHER story about a time when she was home completely alone one night in the house (my parents were in Florida or out to a late party or something) and kept hearing noises and seeing shadows, so she took ALL THE ANIMALS  and into my parents' bathroom and hid in the whirlpool. Apparently that was her go-to hiding spot.

Jenna and MC
MaryClaire's Follow-Up Story aka "Three's a Crowd.  Or Maybe You're All Just Fat."
"Speaking of Texas chainsaw massacre... Me, Lauren, and Jenna went to go see that in theaters (obviously your mom had to like walk in with us and make sure we could go since we were like 13 and it was rated R). We decided since we knew we would be scared that it was a good idea for all 3 of us to squish into the love seat for the entire movie. Yes us 3 fatties. Needless to say an hour and a half or 2 hours later by the time the movie was over I don't even think I could walk my body had been so squished and we literally had indents from the arm rest. That seating arrangement may have stunted my growth spurt permanently.. But totally worth it. I will never ever be able to watch that movie without thinking about that time/Jenna."


Well I hope you enjoyed this guest post as much as I did.  I also hope you enjoyed the titles I made up for them.  As you can see, there really doesn't have to be a point to your stories.  Sometimes they can just be moments.  Please continue to send me stories either on facebook, at, or comment on the blog!

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  1. I love the story although I don't think it was me that got all you girls into Texas Chainsaw. I was more into exposing my children to a higher quality of R rated movies, like South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Was never a slasher fan although Jenna went through a time where she was. I know she saw all the SAW movies and I watched them with her too even though they made me cringe. Then her taste changed to Step Up, Harry Potter, and Twilight. Can't tell you how many times I stayed up late with her watching those, especially HP and Twilight. Mrs. R